What is different from other shower gels?

bilou is creamier
Compared to a conventional shower gel, the bilou shower foams are much creamier. The white foam feels super soft and spreads very well on the skin, a completely different showering experience than with a gel.

bilou with completely new fragrances
Of course, our fragrances are also special. We develop unprecedented fragrances for the bilou products. We came up with all the fragrances ourselves and developed them directly with the perfumers, who implemented the extraordinary fragrance ideas perfectly according to our specifications.

bilou has good ingredients
Of course, we also paid attention to good ingredients: We selected the bilou ingredients with great care and love. This is also reflected in the excellent skin compatibility - Dermatest gave it the grade "very good".

What is the difference between the creamy shower foam and the nourishing cream foam?

The difference between the shower foam and the nourishing cream foam is that the shower foam is intended for body cleansing in the shower and the nourishing cream foam (foam lotion) for body care after the shower.


I have very sensitive skin. Can I use the bilou products without any problems?

Alle unsere Produkte haben wir auf Hautverträglichkeit testen lassen. Die Hautverträglichkeit wurde dermatologisch mittels Epikutantest von dermatest mit dem Qualitätssiegel „dermatest sehr gut“ bestätigt. Nähere Informationen zu den Prüfkriterien findet ihr auf unserer Philosophy-Seite und unter dermatest-garantie.de

Why are bilou products vegan?

Bei bilou haben wir auf tierische Inhaltsstoffe verzichtet und unsere Produkte sind zu 100% vegan. Somit ist bilou ausnahmslos für Veganer geeignet und wurde sogar in die Positiv-Liste von PETA aufgenommen. Of course, we would not support animal testing, but fortunately these are already generally prohibited for cosmetic products under Article 18 of the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

Can you eat the bilou products?

No! Even if the products smell sooo delicious, please do not eat in any case. The bilou products are cosmetic products that must not be ingested.

How long can I use my bilou product?

Unopened, the products have a shelf life of up to 30 months. Even after opening, the shower foam, the cream foam as well as the hand foam can be used for 24 months, the "2 in 1" body spray, as well as the shower gel for 12 months. A note on this can also be found on the respective packaging. The bath salts, stored in a cool and dry place, do not have a best-before date. Since it is a single use, it should be used immediately and completely after opening. A note on this can also be found on the respective packaging. The lip oil has a shelf life of 12 months. Please do not expose the lip oil bottle to direct, prolonged sunlight.

Where are the bilou products produced?

Almost exclusively in southern Germany. Zu unserer Philosophie gehören ganz klar auch die Themen Qualität und Nachhaltigkeit. Unsere Zulieferer haben wir selbst und sehr sorgfältig ausgewählt. Wir haben uns bewusst für mittelständische Familienbetriebe entschieden, die die Produkte mit großer Sorgfalt nach unseren Vorstellungen herstellen. Einzig unsere Badesalze werden in einem mittelständischen Familienbetrieb in der Schweiz hergestellt. Das bilou Eau de Parfum wird in Österreich hergestellt.

Why is the bilou can smaller than other 200 ml aerosol cans?

There are various systems that ensure that the foam comes out of the can. We have deliberately chosen an aerosol, in which as little material as possible must be used. Daher ist unsere bilou Dose kleiner, trotz gleichem Inhalt.

Wo kann ich bilou Produkte kaufen?

Of course in our online shop! In addition, bilou products are currently in the Budni Drugstores in Hamburg, in all dm drugstores, in the dm Online-Shop, in the Müller drugstores, in the Mueller online shop, in Rossmann, im Rossmann online shop and at Douglas Perfumery as well Douglas Online-Shop available. In Austria you can find bilou in all BIPA branches as well as in BIPA Online-Shop, at dm, also in dm Online-Shop, at Müller, im Mueller online shop and at Douglas Perfumery as well Douglas Online-Shop. In Switzerland we offer bilou at Manor as well as in Manor Online-Shop and at miller at. In China you will find bilou exclusive through cross-border online shops Tmall Global and VIP Global. As well as in Ukraine at Alone, Ideashop, SKID, Epicentr, French cosmetics, Makeup, Perfumes, etc. You can also find bilou in Finland at Stockmann and in Stockmann Online-Shop. In Sweden you can now also find bilou at Åhléns and at Åhléns Online-Shop.

Why were the bilou gift boxes limited?

The bilou gift boxes are a special promotion each Christmas season and therefore only available in limited quantities. The Pink Sparkle and Silver Sparkle gift boxes 2018 are also only available while stocks last. Let us surprise you, what other great actions we come up with.

Where can I buy advertising material (e.g. stands, stickers, bags) from bilou?

At the moment we receive sooooo many requests for it. We are very pleased that you like the bilou material so much. ☺ However, at the moment this is exclusively for our cooperation partners and can therefore unfortunately not (yet) be purchased. But check out our online store from time to time. There will be regular promotions here, where promotional material can also be in the game.


What is a plant-based surfactant?

We have chosen a plant-based surfactant for the bath salts, which is based on natural raw materials. It is mild to the skin and provides a pleasant skin feeling. And the foam comes free of charge :)


Why does the lip oil taste so sweet?

To ensure that bilou finally has a product that not only smells delicious, but also tastes good, a synthetic sweetener was added to the bilou lip oil. This is sodium saccharin, which does not cause tooth decay and is also suitable for diabetics. But note, the bilou lip oil is a cosmetic product and also further the bilou products are not food. :)

I am diabetic, can I use the lip oil?

For the special taste provides the bilou lip oil the synthetic sweetener sodium saccharin, which is also suitable for diabetics.


Why did we choose bilou for a lip oil and not a lip balm?

We wanted to develop an extraordinary lip care with bilou and thus came up with the special properties of the oil. The bilou lip oil is super light on the lips and through the high-quality care components such as argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil and much more, it cares for the depths of the lip skin. In addition, there is with the bilou lip oil particularly much content - 9ml - the special bilou fragrance and also a delicious taste on top!


Must the lip oil always be shaken before use?

To ensure that you always enjoy the special sweetness of bilou lip oil, you can shake it before use. You hear it rustle slightly, because in the lip oil bottle are two small balls that mix the oil always nice. But it also works without shaking ;)

Why is there now a shower gel in addition to the shower foams?

Although many of you love our shower foams so much, there are still some who rather favor a shower gel. Since we of course want to do justice to every bilou fan, there are now also two shower gels from bilou, which come in a great tube, which can be emptied extra well and feels very nice.

How much xylitol does our chewing gum contain?

Tasty Donut, Slushy Apple and Cherry Coco: 0.036g per gum, 0.36g per pack

Orange Lemonade: 0.0912g per gum, 0.912g per pack

Lemon Cheesecake: 0.0192g per gum, 0.192g per pack

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